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Every pet is spayed or neutered by my vet before leaving...no exceptions.






A Note on Grooming…

Persian cats do require a certain amount of grooming and daily maintenance to keep their long coats. They are not like any of the domestic long haired mixed breed cats you have ever owned in the past, Exotic short haired cats or DOGS. If you expect to keep your new Persian in coat and free of MATS, you will need to bathe and DEGREASE him using Goop (an auto mechanic's hand cleaner) at least once a month. For pets, this should be sufficient. For extremely greasy coats and show cats, you will need to do it every two weeks. I bath my own show cats every 2 weeks and comb them as needed. Unlike other cats you may have had, my cats have been trained to be bathed,so the average person should be able to tackle this task without too much effort.

Regarding tearing in Persians: Persians do tear. You will see brownish tears coming out of the eyes of your Persian DAILY. That means you will be required to wipe his eyes and face every single day at least once and possibly twice a day, depending on the Persian’s color. As long as the tears are thin and watery, this tearing is normal. If the tearing is thicker in nature, or seems extremely excessive, you may reduce this tearing by giving your cat an antibiotic eye drop. These can be purchased online at Eye Envy http://www.eyeenvy.com

 or you can get a prescription from your vet. L-Lysine will reduce tearing, sneezing, and other herpes related symptoms you see in all predigreed Persians. Anyone who has any grooming issues with a Persian they have bought from me is welcome to email me and politely go over them. I am always willing to walk you through the proper steps and train you to properly maintain your Persian so you can keep him in the lovely coat that you bought him in. However, if I feel you have unrealistic expectations or may be unwilling/unable to maintain or care for a Persian properly, I reserve the right NOT to sell to you. I hope you all understand and realize the Persian is considered a High Maintenance Pet, but with a little practice and patience, you CAN keep your cat in his original coat. Many owners who live in hotter climates, have their Persians shaved down into a "Lion Cut" during the summer months, and if you chose to do this, that is fine.

~Grooming Services~

Rare Earth does offer Mobile Grooming Services for a fee to anyone within a reasonable driving distance of my home. You will be charged for my gas to and from your house. I also offer Grooming Lessons for a fee to anyone who is within driving distance who would like to  see a Show bath first hand, look at the tools I use,

and receive detailed instruction on exactly how to groom their show cat. I am not the cheapest in town, but I am the best. Email me directly for more information on these Services.








Rare Earth's Pet Policies:


Kittens leave no sooner than 12 wks of age!

They will have their shots up to date.  All

 pets are spayed/neutered by my vet, at the buyers cost, 

 before going to their new homes.

I have a Health Guarantee on all of the cats I place, and I

 require that a Sales Contract be signed.  All kittens have

 been trained to use a scratching post, and are accustomed

  to being groomed and blown dry. I reserve the right not to 

sell to a buyer who wishes to de-claw; however, I will listen

  to your reasons for wanting to do so, and take them into 

  consideration. The United States Government now requires

 that all pet buyers see the pet they wish to purchase in person before taking

 possession of the kitten/cat. I will no longer ship pets "sight unseen" via Cargo.

I am willing to meet you at one of our two local airports if you wish to pick

your pet up in person and fly back with them underneath your seat.

Email me for more details. My contract is available upon request.


Deposits are non-refundable.



Attention Breeders:

If you are a Breeder, please tell me a little about yourself, your Cattery

Breeding Program, and Show Experience when inquiring about a kitten

 if you expect to receive a reply back.  I am willing to place Show cats with new breeders,

but they must prove to me that they are serious and have a direction. I will ask for references and will only

consider New Breeders if they have a mentor that currently shows successfully in CFA.

 All Show Quality kittens

are sold under Contract, and I ask that they not be resold after you are

finished breeding them, but retired to a loving Pet Home!

I do not offer : Stud Service, Kitten Back Contracts, Trades, Payment Plans

 or Lay-a-ways! All kittens/cats must be paid in full before leaving my home.

Any additional testing , micro-chipping, etc. is the financial responsibility of the buyer.

 I prefer to work with small, non-commercial Show Homes. Our Show Quality kittens are

  sold to catteries who are either actively  showing, or preparing to do so. Some may

 require a contract outlining your commitment to enter the kitten as an adult into a minimum

  number of CFA shows.  Not all cats can Grand, but I do expect your best effort, and I

will help you if needed, along the way. I require co-ownership agreements in

order to prevent kittens sold with breeding rights from being resold without my permission or knowledge.

All kittens/Cats sold with breeding rights are DNA tested Negative for PKD and  are Ringworm Free.

Aspiring Breeders Please Click Here!







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